Eligibility:   Library membership falls into two categories


  1. General membership

General membership is open to PGIM trainees and any medical/dental doctor registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council. Other categories may be considered with special permission of the Board of Management. The Membership ID card is valid for use at Colombo, Peradeniya and other PGIM facility centres.

The annual fee for general membership is Rs. 3500/=



  1. Borrowing Membership.

Postgraduate trainees who possess PGIM Library membership cards are eligible for borrowing membership on the recommendation of SAR/ Exam and AR/ Academic.


PGIM academic staff members: Free of charge on the recommendation of the respective Board of Study and the approval of the Director, PGIM.


3.Temporary Membership: Temporary membership is open to non-medical students and undergraduate medical students. Temporary membership fee is 350/= per month.