1. Members are required to produce their membership card when entering the Library.
2.  Members who visit the Library are required to sign in the attendance register provided at the Security desk indicating their      membership number, the time of arrival and the time of departure.
3. Visitors to the Library are required to obtain the permission   of the Librarian to use the Library.
4. Readers must deposit their belongings such as books, notes etc, at the Security point before entering the Library.
5. Valuable articles or cash should not be left at the Security point. Library staff will not be responsible for the loss of such material.
6. Library Membership cards are valid for a period of one year from the date of issue and should be surrendered to the Library before the expiry date for renewal.
7. The membership cards and borrowing tokens are nontransferable. The holders of borrowing tokens is responsible for any library material issued under such tokens.
8. Replacement of a lost membership card may be obtained on payment of Rs. 100/=. Request for replacements should be made in writing addressed to the Director, PGIM, along with a stamp sized photograph.
9. Members should notify the Librarian of any change in their addresses.
10. Members are not permitted to take personal property, apart from papers to take down notes, into the library without the Librarian’s prior permission.
10. PGIM student members are required to provide a library clearance certificate to the PGIM for Board certification.
11. SILENCE should be strictly observed in the Library.
12. Seats in the Library may not be reserved or removed by the readers.
13. Readers are not allowed to hold discussions inside the Library.
14. Consumption of food and drink is strictly forbidden in the Library.